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The Main Event: The Visual Evolution of the Trade Show

The Main Event: The Visual Evolution of the Trade Show


Do you remember being a kid and being pulled around by your parents in a grocery store? The only exciting part were the products with the cartoon characters and catchy slogans. All the other food was passed by, while you are begging your mom to buy that cereal with the brightest packaging. That experience is similar to a Trade Show event. Only now you can buy that product without your mother’s approval.

At Super Color Digital, we’ve been implementing event signage solutions in sports arenas, hotels, shopping malls, convention centers, and many other areas for 30 years. Our high level of performance across all areas of event graphics ensures the easiest of integration of your branding. Beautiful 4 color graphics printed directly to rigid or flexible substrates that can be laser cut, sewn, mounted, laminated and finished. As large as 80” x 120” in a single sheet with paneling to allow for unlimited sizes! Single or double sided printing, strict color management processes and UV cured inks ensure color consistency and durability. Our comprehensive range of graphics will take a wandering eye from your event floor or venue, to your wall, all the way up to a hanging ceiling or evening building structure.

Let imagination, innovation, and creation take over, as Super Color Digital will take your visual branding to a whole new level of BOLD. The time is now. Place your brand into direct view.

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