Outdoor Graphics - Super Color Digital
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Outdoor Graphics

Visual Experiences That Are Larger Than Life

Vivid and Durable Custom Outdoor Displays

When it comes to creating the right visuals for the outdoors, Super Color Digital make a big and bold impact. With unrivaled material durability and sheer crispness of color, our outdoor visual solutions will help you reach a much wider audience and garner major visibility.

No Limitations In Size or Scope

Big, bold statements can be made in exacting detail using our immense building wraps. There are no size limitations, with printing capabilities up to 16 feet wide and 150 feet long in one piece, or sewn together to create one larger-than-life visual experience.


All materials are made to withstand severe weather and are printed with UV inks that have a 2 – 3 year guarantee. Several varieties of mesh allow large prints to be placed on buildings without the need for air flow cut outs, making it possible to achieve a smooth and even appearance.