10 Weeks of Experience: Multilayered Dimensional Displays

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It’s time for another addition to our 10 Weeks of Experience product showcase series. This week, we are talking about our Multilayered Dimensional Displays. This product was designed to bring depth to your displays by using several different cut-to-shape layers. Also, the display becomes even more dimensional by adding LED lighting, inviting consumers to see your product from a new, adventurous perspective.

Product Features Include:

– Lightweight and durable

– No limit to project type, shape, and size

– Available in multiple substrates

– Vivid colors and sharp clarity

– Custom timing and lighting programs

– Energy-efficient LED lighting

– UL listed and certified

For our Multilayered Dimensional Display example, we created a vivid adventure-themed camping scene. We fabricated and cut to shape the snow-covered mountains with a gorgeous crystal clear lake and used various LEDs to simulate the sunset right at the golden hour. LED lights were also added to the tent’s interior and the roaring fire in the foreground, giving each a warm and inviting glow.

Whether your goal is to recreate a beautiful and scenic nature scene, build a fantasy world, or recreate the galaxy itself, Super Color Digital’s Multi-Layered Dimensional Displays will open up a whole new world full of possibilities.

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