Benefits of Double-Sided Visuals

Many visual solutions benefit from a double-sided design. Some favorable solutions that come to mind are free-standing displays, hanging signage, or window decals. These create an optimal 360-vantage point which doubles the opportunity for brand awareness while promoting your message or product for all the see. Consider the following three benefits when designing your next visuals.

Brand Recognition

Whether reinforcing how the audience perceives your brand or establishing a perception, a double-sided solution can help you get there. Imagine walking through a convention hall and seeing dozens of signs and booths pulling you in every direction. You want to stand out from the rest and let the audience pick your brand out of the crowd from where ever they might be in the convention hall.

Informing Your Audience

Is there a new launch coming up? Or maybe a special event? Whatever it may be, we want everyone to know about it. While the internet is many of our go-to options, the audience still anticipates the imagery that goes along. Double-sided displays are great at letting people know what is to come, no matter which way they stand.

360 Experience

Memorable experiences are everything. Whether you are walking through a store or attending an event, nothing more puts a damper on your experience if you can’t see what is on display. A display that showcases what is happening and is easily seen from any angle will make for a better experience. 

For your next project, consider implanting double-sided features to promote your brand and provide a 360 experience to your audience. There are endless options to choose from when it comes to out-of-the-box solutions. Super Color Digital creates custom visual solutions for many brands with seamless results and visually captivating prints.

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