Creative Window Displays

Creative Window Displays

Creative window displays are a unique and powerful form of advertising. The best displays can define a store and can give potential customers and clients a better understanding of your brand. Today we’ll be discussing some of the benefits of utilizing creative window displays.

Statistics show that 50% of all purchase decisions are made on impulse. Therefore, window displays and creative window graphics can give you a huge opportunity to capture attention and influence purchases.

There are three main types of window displays: The closed-back window, semi-closed back windows and open-back window displays.

Closed-Back window

This style features a back wall that completely closes the window area from the rest of the store. Closed-back windows are the perfect backdrop for creating dynamic and theatrical displays since the window lighting won’t interfere with the lighting and feel of the rest of the store. 

Semi-Closed back window

These windows are constructed with a partition that extends to a certain height, separating the window area from the store. Because of this, it allows customers to see beyond the window display and into the store itself.

Open-Back window displays

This type of window has no back panel therefore, customers will have a clear view into the entire store. As a result, the activity in the store and the store’s ambience flows into the window area, which can reinforce your brand’s overall image.

In conclusion, knowing the best type of window display is the first step to putting together a creative window display. At Super Color Digital, we offer a variety of large and grand format printing solutions that will help your window display stand out. From light boxes, faux neon,  dimensional signage, custom fabrication, floor graphics and more, contact Super Color Digital to experience the rewarding and creative benefits of window displays.