Elements for Experiential Design

Elements for Experiential Design

Finding new ways to engage with your audience is a never-ending cycle. When preparing the unexpected, thinking holistically and creatively is what sets your brand apart. It’s about taking the “typical” and stretching it to create the ultimate visual experience. At Super Color Digital, we have the knowledge and expertise to utilize color, light in motion, dimensional structures, and more to keep your brand as a growing industry innovator. How do you want your audience to feel when they see your brand? When it comes to visual engagement, think about three critical areas: light, color, and experience.


Adequate lighting can capture our attention. Each day, we receive our daily dose of information through our sense of sight. This can be telling an engaging story, creating a mood, interacting experientially, and more. Sometimes, the best solution isn’t new but rather a combination of new and existing visions or strategies. Adding lighting to traditional displays can provide consumers with a more engaging experience. Super Color Digital’s lighting solutions are created to have brands stand out. This includes branded colors, programable timers, dimmable options, and, most importantly… quality. By working with Super Color Digital, you are guaranteed the most inventive and highest quality solutions that benefit your brand.


How to choose the right colors? The key to choosing the right color for you is to know your audience, know your industry, project your personality, and stand out.

Color is subjective, which means that each color is in the eye of the beholder, not in the color itself. Depending on which color you choose, each customer will have a different opinion and reaction. This is what makes branding fun and exciting. So how is this communicated, and why does it play the leading role in your opus? Colors, shapes, and textures are all creative components that add value to your brand. As you begin to understand who your primary customers are, you can mix these components to create a visual aid that suits your goals. The use of color will have different effects on different people.

At Super Color Digital, we use colors to connect with our clients. It’s our business to know how to capture all colors with precision so that your visual solutions reflect the values that your brand stands for.


Experiential design and events are the newest kid on the block, and they are here to stay…. for a good reason! The experiential design was created as a way for us to interact with space, or to put it simply, creating the ultimate experience. A key component of experiential design is an innovation of the senses, especially sight and touch. It’s about thinking outside the box and combining practical functions to create a unique, genuinely eye-catching experience. At Super Color Digital, we work with brands across the globe to create impactful experiences with leading technology. The end goal is to produce immersive and experiential visual solutions that awe, impress, and create memories. 

At Super Color Digital, we are visual storytellers that love the unconventional. We always say “Yes” for a reason. Unless the laws of physics are against it, we will create your visual dream, and it will be amazing! 

Are you ready to stretch your ideas into physics-pushing visual delights? I know we are! Let’s get started together.

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