Engagement in Full Gear: Visual Marketing in Today’s Car Dealership

car dealership

Walking into a dealership you want to be ‘wowed’ and shocked by sparkling chrome. Getting a new car is what you imagined a warm hug from Marilyn Monroe would feel like. There is no care in the world as you speed down the streets in a new BMW. What made you buy this model? What really made you decide this was the right fit?

Let’s go back to when you first stepped into the dealership. Not only did the sliding glass doors usher you in, but the beautiful mural behind the help desk. A signature car that is bending around the mountain at full speed. The open road never looked so inviting. This dealership is part of a service and making people’s dreams come true. So ask yourself, how did this all come to be?

It all begins with the perfect partnership. In this case, Sonic Automotive came to Super Color Digital to bring their automotive branding excellence to today’s best automotive brands and their dealerships. Recently our partnership found us taking over BMW of Monrovia, where we transformed their dealership into a visual branding masterpiece.

With numerous visual solutions utilized, from custom full wall graphics, and dimensional lettering, to custom signage and much more, we are able to provide endless creative and innovative possibilities.

What if you could send your brand on a zenith journey by combining creative design, innovation, and cutting-edge technology?

That’s us. We are Super Color Digital.

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