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Something BOLD has arrived. What is the TASTE OF INNOVATION?

What tastes better than a cold beer on a hot day? Maybe a drink mixed with something innovatively tasty? How about 1893 Pepsi Original and Ginger Cola? Think of your classic whiskey but with a Pepsi spin or your pineapple tequila and some ginger soda. These signature drinks will heighten your enjoyment as you enjoy all of the sights and sounds in and around the Vegas Strip.

Pepsi released these newest craft sodas in May of 2016 and teamed up with Caesar’s Palace to not only celebrate this innovative take on classic sodas but also recognize 50 years of Caesar’s Palace presence on the Strip. This means both of them needed an outstanding solution to complement the new product. Nothing screams innovation than Super Color’s creative visual and large format solutions.

Large vinyl wallpapers are proving to be some of the most attractive and boldest displays in the visual branding spectrum. Can you blame them?! These graphics show off a product in direct view, where current and potential customers can see it from a mile away.

We reassured this idea by utilizing the brightest and boldest of colors in the Pepsi graphics while installing it with seamless precision. Best of all, to make sure this project was printed with the best quality, we printed around the clock and used eco-friendly materials to ensure a long-lasting solution.

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