Large Format Printing Trends Of Spring And Summer

Large format printing Super color digital customization trends same day printing

Spring is in the air, and Summer is right around the corner. As the seasons change, the popular styles of the seasons change as well. Today we will discuss some of the large format printing trends of Spring and Summer.

Before we dig in, let’s talk a little about color. Color is a language of its own, a universal means of communicating. Colors affect us deeply, and as humans, we have instinctive, emotional reactions to colors across the spectrum. A few colors gaining popularity as of late are UFO Green, Plastic Pink, and Proton Purple. These vivid colors are almost a throwback to some of the popular colors of the late ’80s. Retro styles are enormous right now, so expect to see trends of the past returning to the world of fashion and retail. Speaking of fashion, the latest trends in fashion also greatly influence the event and tradeshow industry. When Exhibiting at events and trade shows, everyone wants to be as relevant as possible to the consumer world. Looking at what’s happening in the retail and fashion industry is a great way to keep up with the popular trends. Some of today’s most popular styles include Tye-dye, animal prints, florals, pop art motifs, as well as abstract and architectural patterns.

Below are a few trends to pay attention to:

Print on Demand

Digital printing has become mainstream and is driving on-demand printing. The internet and the rise of digital platforms boost e-commerce and the growth of “web to print” applications. It would be wise to double down on your web presence and increase your internet-related marketing to bring in more business.


In a world where almost everyone competes based on prices, why not sell based on value? By creating custom visual solutions, you will separate yourself from the masses. There are several ways that digital printing is enabling companies to create real value through limited runs, multiple variants, or (versioning) to full customization. The value you make through these strategies will help differentiate against mass-produced prints and increase your brand value and customer satisfaction.

Next Day and Same Day Printing

With more companies offering digital platforms where customers are receiving goods instantly, the printing world is looking to keep up. Super Color Digital has been working to reduce lead times more and more with every passing year. Now, as the number of online orders continues to grow, expect to see more customers looking for quicker turnaround times when receiving orders.

At Super Color Digital we constantly strive for innovation and always look to offer the latest and greatest in visual solutions. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business grow.

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