LED Lightbox Capabilities

Super Color Digital designs a unique lighting solution. LED lightboxes are the one-off visual solution that captivates your attention immediately—more than a visual but a whole encompassing experience in itself. The lightboxes are a versatile product that enhances your space and shines a light on you. We are here to present the endless customization options, top-of-the-line features, and a few ideas showing your ideal LED Lightboxes.

Lightbox Capabilities


A standard lightbox is a metal structure, textile cover, and light source. A Super Color Digital Lightbox stands out from the rest in the quality and ingenuity we put in to give you the ultimate product. By sourcing LED technology to use in our lightboxes, you benefit from the range of colors, programable timers, dimmable, and longevity. We can customize colors across the RGB light spectrum and standard white and warm white options in our projects. The LEDs display vivid colors that are glare-free and provide a uniform range of color and lighting opacity. The LEDs also have a life expectancy of 50,000 plus hours while remaining an energy-efficient solution. Features like custom timers and external dimmable add to the lighting experience, which are custom to each display.

With our vast collection of various textiles and substrates to work with, fabrics range from high to low opacity, textures, and weights. All materials are hand-sewn in-house and are custom-fit. If the textile requires a graphic, then we send it to print, and our experts ensure the graphics are accurate to color and with excellent resolution.

Lightbox Capabilities


When making the structure for our lightboxes, our in-house fabrication team works diligently to provide the best. During fabrication, the team goes to work on customizations. We are using metals, extruders, and welding to set the structure in place. After building the base structure, the team then places the LED lighting throughout the design. Depending on the overall lighting appearance, a few lighting styles we have in mind are backlit and edge-lit solutions. We can also place the LEDs in different patterns or styles if the design permits since our experienced fabrication team makes custom builds. Positioning the fabric and base structure is just as simple as our SEG frames since they utilize similar technology. All the hardware, power supply, and controls are all internal for the LED Lightboxes, and the lights can change color through the provided remote. 

Lightbox Capabilities

Display Options

When it comes to displaying the lightboxes, we have plenty of options that are sure to fit your space. We have a few ideas in mind: standard, custom programmable, faux neon, color-changing lightboxes.

Standard LED lightboxes are incredibly versatile and display wall hanging, free-standing, or suspension methods. We install our standard lightboxes using the framing that secures into the wall through premium hardware. The free-standing process works excellent on event floors, retail spots, and dealerships since the lightboxes are easier to move. We secure this model using metal plates placed at the base to prevent the lightboxes from tipping over. Best of all, it benefits from being double-sided for a more attractive visual. The suspended method displays the lightbox in mid-air, an excellent solution for making a statement. Having the lightbox suspended in mid-air brings the attention upwards and transforms the visual experience.

Through cutting-edge LED technology, we have created our exclusive custom programmable lightboxes. Our RGB Light Boxes evolve the standard lightbox into a custom frame programmed to shift your visuals through a vivid and bold spectrum of RGB colors. Ideal for wayfinding signage, event signage, POP display, and more.

Our Faux Neon technology provides a visual solution that is lighter and more durable than traditional neon signs. Yet, it still offers a vivid spectrum of color while remaining energy-efficient and cost-effective. With Faux Neon Dimensional Signage, you can capture the allure of neon without the cumbersome and unsafe restrictions of neon glass tubes.

If you’re looking to think outside of the box, our dimensional color-changing displays are the ideal solution. We create nearly any display without being restricted to size and shape. As a result, our cutting-edge LED technology will deliver vibrant colors with custom timing and color-changing programs similar to our standard lightboxes.

Lightbox Capabilities


Installing the LED Lightboxes is a reasonably quick process. We always recommend a site survey to ensure the visual solutions are to specifications and make the installation process seamless. Depending on the size and display options for the lightbox, installation may take more time and equipment as we follow all precautions. However, with our nationwide install network, our experts are accessible to install around the clock. The LED lightboxes are ideal for styling any space, lend themselves well to graphic changeouts, and have excellent longevity. 

A few more perks accompany the LED lightboxes. All LED lightboxes are UL listed, and all graphics are G7 certified. Our UL-listed product is UL tested a representative sample of the product and determine that the product meets specific requirements. Our G7 certification indicates Super Color Digital as a master in color management, process, and quality for proofing and printing equipment. 

LED Lightboxes are incredibly adaptable and are a great solution for multiple industries. This product has versatility in decorative design, wayfinding signage, visual merchandising, company branding, and many more. A solution with bright ideas, at Super Color Digital, we are here to support your creative ideas.

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