Preparing Your Files For Print

At Super Color Digital, we want to make sure your files go through the production process as smoothly as possible. Below are valuable best practices when preparing your files for print.

Choosing a file type: There is much different software you can utilize to prepare your document for print right at the start of the design process. Do your research and know what the best program is for your specific project. Whatever software you use, make sure to maximize your image resolution.

Create a Page Layout: We recommend creating a package, embed all images, outline all fonts, and include any links you plan to utilize.

Optimize your color: You have two options for color as files can be created in either RGB or CMYK. We recommend CMYK over RGB but make sure to embed your profiles when saving your files and always supply proof for color matching.

Choosing a Scale: We recommend that you build to the final size whenever possible, but if you have to develop your file at a smaller scale, it is highly recommended that you create your file at ½, ¼, 1/10, or 1/12 scale.  

Always include a bleed: A bleed is an extra space around the perimeter of your layout that extends past the edge of the page(s). You should always include a bleed if any elements (e.g., images, colored backgrounds) on your layout will cross the edge of the page. Make sure you define the bleed clearly in your file.  

Final Steps: Choose a DPI. As a general rule, prepare all files between 70-100 DPI at the final size.

Then once you’ve checked your work for errors, you can export the design as a print-ready file and send it off to print. Download our File Prep Guidelines to use for your next and future projects.

At Super Color Digital we work with you from beginning to end to ensure your project’s success. Let’s discuss your next project, contact us here to get started.

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