The Importance of Visually Rejuvenating Your Office Space

We no longer live in a world where scarcely tight cubicle walls surround us while our managers hide behind their closed-off offices. Companies realize that employees are happier and work better in alternative environments. Such was the case for Goettl Air Conditioning, a leading residential AC repair and installation company in business since 1939.

Recently, Super Color Digital partnered with Goettl Air Conditioning to visually redefine one of their facilities. Rather than keep with the everyday traditional workplace visual aesthetic.

When creating this visual look, we worked closely with Goettl Air Conditioning to showcase their story, history, and mantra more inviting and modern way. With the use of head-to-toe wallpaper graphics, custom plex panels, vivid colors, and more, Goettl Air Conditioning’s office space was transformed into a place with new stories and company pride that provided the employees with a new sense of engagement and motivation.

How will you redefine your office space? Super Color Digital can help complement your brand’s ideals and philosophies with a variety of vivid visual solutions.

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