Shining A Light On Green Solutions

Green Solutions

There has been a large shift in the last decade or so toward green solutions and sustainability. Today we would like to shine a light on one of our favorite green solutions, LED lightboxes. Many retailers and companies are required by law to reduce the amount of energy they use, and switching to or utilizing LED visual solutions can really help you meet these requirements and then some. Replacing just one single 60-watt bulb with an energy-efficient bulb that’s on for 10 hours a day can easily save a business $1 or more each month. Multiply that out to an entire year—and by the hundreds (if not thousands) of bulbs in your business—and we’re talking some serious savings. We have been utilizing the same LED technology in our lightboxes since inception.

Not only are lightboxes very cost-effective, but they are easy on the eyes and magnify your creative graphics. Many retailers and companies are using this technology to brighten up their environments in creative and eye-catching ways.

As creative innovators of visual solutions, we like to think outside of the box and offer our clients something beyond your everyday LED lightbox. This is why we created our exclusive color-changing RGB Light Boxes, which evolve the standard lightbox into a custom frame that is programmed to shift your visuals through a vivid and bold spectrum of RGB colors. Designed in-house, our RGB Light Boxes can be custom programmed to shift the colors of any area of your design. For example, we can cycle through different shades of eye and lip colors while also cycling through colors of cars or even sunglasses. The creative possibilities are endless, and the sustainability factor is even better! You can now get an energy-efficient solution that offers vivid colors with a life expectancy of 50,000 plus hours.

Step out of the dark and into a whole new light. Super Color Digital can program any custom solution that will brighten up your creative graphics in the most imaginative of ways.

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