The Best Moments of 2021 With Super Color Digital

As 2021 draws to a close, we can’t help but feel nostalgic. This year was filled with creative visual solutions, and it wasn’t easy to compile our favorites. Gathering the greatest and unique projects created this year, below are our favorites of 2021.

Sonic Automotive

This year we did it again. Our friends at Sonic Automotive utilized many of our favorite products such as SEGs, adhesive back vinyl wall graphics, custom signage, and more. It’s always a pleasure to work with companies that have a true vision of what they want their brand to represent.

Sony Interactive

This year, Super Color Digital took part in bringing a little color and fun back into the office. We’re sure these employees are more than excited to return to the office with these amazing walls.

San Francisco Opera House

Hello San Francisco Opera House! It’s music to our ears when we are on key with our stunning visual solutions.


In keeping with Timberland’s sustainability concept, Super Color Digital translated the GreenStride™ story into a modern and engaging visual experience.  This included innovative and creative dimensional window displays, lightboxes, wall graphics, custom product displays, and more!

T-Mobile Park

Check out that bubbly gum magenta! These walls have never looked better and pop with visual flare. T-Mobile Park, magenta is so your color!

Super Color Digital 40th Anniversary

Super Color Digital has been successfully creating visual solutions for 40 years. Learning to adapt and evolve Super Color Digital will continue its drive for excellence.  

We’ve had an amazing year and look forward to 2022 with great anticipation. We are excited to share what we will bring to the visual solution industry in the New Year.

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