The Versatility of LED Lightboxes

From light to experience, Super Color Digital is finding new ways to update your space. We create innovative experiences that light up imaginations through our exclusive LED solutions. These include LED lightboxes, faux neon signs, experiential lighting displays, bespoke lightning experiences. LED lightboxes have the power of versatility across all industries; they are not only cool to look at but functional. As a result, we have two essential “tools” that make lightboxes the perfect visual solution for you.


When it comes to displaying your LED lightboxes, we have plenty of options that are sure to fit your space. Each LED lightbox utilizes Super Color Digital’s vast collection of textiles and substrates that provide industry-leading color and quality. Our LED light boxes use the latest technology available, creating vivid colors and illumination.

Element of Surprise

Our bespoke or custom color-changing displays are the ideal solution if you’re looking to think outside of the box. Nearly any display can be created without being restricted to size and shape. As a result, our cutting-edge LED technology delivers custom color-changing programs similar to our standard lightboxes but created specifically for you and your brand.

“Light in a whole new light.” Super Color Digital’s lightbox solutions offer LED illumination brings a whole new life to be ordinary” “lightboxes.” Never behind and always ahead, Super Color Digital’s lighting solutions use the latest and most innovative technology available. Let’s work together on your next creative lightning experience.

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