10 Weeks of Experience: Color Changing RGB LED Light Boxes

Today is our first product showcase for our exciting 10 Weeks of Experience series and the product we are sharing is our exclusive Color Changing RGB LED Light Boxes. At Super Color Digital we have been producing LED Light Boxes since their inception. We continue to improve and innovate our craft with impressive new solutions, and our latest is truly a sight to behold.

Through cutting-edge LED technology, we have created our exclusive RGB Color Changing Light Boxes. These RGB programmable light boxes evolve the standard light box into a custom frame programmed to shift your visual experience through a vivid and bold spectrum of endless colors. You can isolate any area of an image and create color change and motion. Anything from a lifestyle image like our “makeup lady” color-changing cosmetics to apparel or product color ways, or even a color-changing sunset, your options are truly endless!

Product Features Include:

– UL listed and certified 

– Available in RGB, RGBw, RGBw/ww, and w/ww

– External dimming is available

– Custom program timer

– Vivid colors with glare-free view at any angle

– Unsurpassed color and light uniformity

– Energy-efficient green solution at about 5 watts per square foot

– LEDs have a life expectancy of 50,000 plus hours

– Internal power supply

– Available in free standing or wall hanging solutions

With this exciting new product, you will be able to do so much more than just illuminate an image. The applications are practically endless from retail stores, to trade show floors, to corporate branding opportunities, Super Color Digital’s  Color Changing RGB LED Light Boxes are truly changing the game.

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