Airport Freestanding Display & Counter Barriers

Airport Freestanding Display and Counter Barriers

Social distancing has become mandatory in almost every environment in our ever-changing world, and because of that, the need for safety and social distancing products has grown exponentially. As a result, Super Color Digital has designed airport freestanding displays and counter barriers. These are designed to create a protective barrier between customers and airline personnel. They add a layer of protection while interacting within the CDC recommended 6’ of social distancing, which is required during the ticketing and boarding.

Airport Freestanding Display Barriers

Super Color Digital’s Social Distance Freestanding Display Barriers are fully movable and can be placed anywhere at a moment’s notice. These barriers have a 100% transparent polycarbonate insert in the upper section, which acts as a sneeze guard to block particles expelled during breathing or an unexpected sneeze. The bottom section can accommodate a single or double-sided graphic to communicate information or general marketing to customers.

Airport Counter Barriers

Super Color Digital has created a transparent Polycarbonate Safety Barrier sneeze guard. We use aluminum and clear polycarbonate to build these barriers.  As a result, the barriers can be installed in just a few minutes with a VHB tape application or can be screwed directly to the counter for a more durable permanent solution.

Airport Freestanding & Counter Barrier Specs

• Easy to clean and sanitize

• Easy to install

• Manufactured out of aluminum and polycarbonate for increased durability

• Frames can be anodized, or powder coat painted to custom colors

• Changeable marketing graphic insert (Airport Freestanding Display)

• Movable (Airport Freestanding Display)

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