How to reduce Cold/ Flu Season and Covid-19- Introducing Antimicrobial Film

Aside from Coronavirus, we deal with cold and flu season every fall! These household germs spread in a similar fashion as coronavirus and afflict millions of people every season.

Did you know? Both Cold/ Flu and Coronavirus have similar recommendations to help prevent the spread!

According to the CDC they recommend the following: avoid close contact with others, cover our mouth and nose, wash our hands, and avoid touching our face and eyes. When it comes to protecting ourselves and others from spreading germs, many of the steps are the same but what if we provided you with a product that could add an extra layer of safety?

That is why we have added our SafeSurface Antimicrobial Protection Film to our product offerings. This film is engineered to kill 99.99% of most bacteria and microbes within hours without any chemicals or other cleaning products. This film has been designed to be installed on almost any surface to protect you and others.

Some examples include:

– Touch Screens

– Food Trays

– Grocery Cart Handles

– Elevators

– Tables and Desks

As we begin reopening and interacting with others, we need to keep our spaces clean. Coronavirus and Cold/ Flu season is stressful, but with a product like this, we can minimize that for you!

First, you will feel more comfortable knowing there is an extra protective shield of support.

Second, this product kills 99.99% of most bacteria and microbes in hours, which will make your environment safer from all types of bacteria and microbes, not just Coronavirus and Cold/Flu.

Other benefits include:

– Scratch and Abrasion- Resistant Top Coating

– EPA Registered and FDA Listed

– Prevents Staining from Mold, Algae, and Chemicals

We will get through this together! Super Color Digital is here to make this decision-making process easier for you. Visit our page for more information on Covid-19 PPE or check out our recent post about another great PPE product: essential custom face shields!

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