Color Emotion Guide: How do Colors Affect Your Brand?

A few months ago, we shared a blog post about the psychology of color. Today, we will be taking it a step further and talking about how colors affect your social presence and brand appeal.

We use colors to express ourselves! Our color choices and design ideas represent emotions, past experiences, and cultures. At Super Color Digital, we use colors to connect with our clients. How can you incorporate color into your next visual idea? Follow us below to find out.

Understanding your brand on a visual level

Colors, shapes, and textures are all creative components that add value to your brand. As you begin to understand who your primary customers are, you can start to mix these components to create a visual aid that suits your goals.

Here is a breakdown of popular colors and their emotional meanings. It is interesting to see how these logos line up with their color definition.

As you think about colors for your brand, ask yourself: “Do I have the flexibility to work with bolder colors and designs or does my mission align more with the stability of a neutral palette?”

Get Creative

 2020 has been a year full of emotions, both positive and negative. Learning to adapt to these different life experiences and understanding how they affect your target market will make you more successful. Get creative with your marketing! Try new colors and designs to see how your customer base responds.

At Super Color Digital, we have the ability to provide you with different types of large format visual solutions. Best of all, each can be catered and customized to your visual preferences.

Your brand is built around your customers. How are they feeling? How are they interacting on social media? What do they need?

As you ask yourself these questions, you can begin to create advertisements and graphics that will guide them to purchasing your product or service. Your colors will influence them to feel strongly about your brand.

Lastly, understanding colors is a skill that will set you apart.

 Learn how you can help your customers in their decision-making process. Be strategic in your advertisements and choose the colors that express your message. At Super Color Digital, it’s our business to know how to capture all colors with precision so that your visual solutions reflect the values that your brand stands for. Contact us today and let’s create something eye-catching together!

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