COVID-19 Safety Products

COVID-19 Safety Products Super Color Digital

COVID-19 Safety Products

Each and every day, we see how COVID-19 is sadly affecting the world. Super Color Digital is ready to help with our COVID-19 Safety Products. As safety and health are a top priority, we have designed several safety products that will greatly help our community. These include emergency communication solutions, protective safety barriers, social distancing floor graphics, virtual meeting backdrops, and PPE face shields.

Follow below to learn about our COVID-19 Safety Products


COVID-19 Safety Products Emergency Communication Graphics

Super Color Digital is offering several COVID-19 safety products to communicate and protect your employees and customers. With our Emergency Communication Solutions, Super Color Digital wants to make communicating important changes and news to your customers much easier and quicker. DOWNLOAD PRODUCT SHEET.

Examples Include:
– Temporary closures
– Emergency Contact Information
– Curb side pick up
– “We are open for business”
– New or updated hours
– Closed until specified time
– Home delivery only
– COVID-19 Information

With these Emergency Communication Solutions, they are inexpensive and very easy to install. Whether ordering 1 or 1000s, they can be kitted and drop shipped overnight, if needed.


Safety Social Distancing COVID-19 Protective Barriers

Super Color Digital and Laird Plastics have teamed up to create a transparent Polycarbonate Safety Barrier sneeze guard. The barrier is constructed out of clear polycarbonate, which are used in a wide range of applications, such as high-performance windshields, car headlights, eyeglass lenses, bullet proof “glass,” and panels used to construct greenhouses. Like safety glass, this barrier is designed to be stronger and more durable than ordinary glass. Best of all, the barrier can be mounted to nearly any counter or cash register area. DOWNLOAD PRODUCT SHEET.


Table Top Protective Barriers COVID-19 Safety Products

Super Color Digital is continuing to add to our line of Protective Barriers. We have developed an ULTRA-EASY assembly tabletop solution. The barrier is constructed to be cost-effective and can be assembled and disassembled in 60 seconds.

Your customers and employees will feel safer and be safer with our tabletop protective barriers. DOWNLOAD PRODUCT SHEET.


COVID-19 Safety Products Social Distancing Floor Decals

The CDC has recommended that we keep a social distancing of 6-feet per person. For many consumers, it is very hard to judge exactly how far 6-feet away is from another person. Because of this you will find people congregating well within the 6-foot social distancing safety area. Our Social Distancing Floor Graphics are designed to give the consumer a very clear distancing gauge at a glance. By just looking down at the floor, the consumer can see a very clear and easy to understand distancing gauge. The graphics are easy to install with a small roller and a squeegee and can be installed very quickly. These graphics can be used down the center of isles, the line formation area at the cashier, or even in front of the building where consumers line up to gain entry. Custom designs are available by request. DOWNLOAD PRODUCT SHEET.


COVID-19 Safety Products Virtual Meeting Backdrops

As the majority of our jobs has switched to remote environments due to the tragic COVID-19 pandemic, in-person sales calls and meetings has stopped. However, the amount of virtual sales calls and meetings has skyrocketed. By utilizing fabric backdrops, these virtual meetings with co-workers and customers will keep an organized, professional and branded look, even when made from home.

Super Color Digital offers an array of different backdrops to fit any working environment. Best of all, each backdrop is easy to install and dismantle, relieving any added stress not needed during this tough time. DOWNLOAD PRODUCT SHEET.


PPE Face Shields COVID-19 Safety Products

Made from high-performance PETG, our PPE face shields are bendable yet very sturdy. Combining clarity with durability, our PPE face shields provide a clear line of sight with no obstructed views. Designed to also be comfortable over long periods of wear, our infection control face shields also fit over eyewear and N95 face masks. Able to withstand harsh environments, our face shields are ideal anywhere close contact occurs.

As need for face shields has grown, we have answered the call by donating PPE face shields to St. Joseph Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, California. This hospital is currently helping a growing number of patients affected with COVID-19. DOWNLOAD PRODUCT SHEET.

Please place your order as soon as possible, demand for our COVID-19 Safety Products grows every day and are available on a first come first service basis. Orders can be placed by calling your Super Color Digital account rep directly, by calling 800.979.4446, or filling out our contact page.