Finding an Outdoor Signage Solution

Super Color Digital recently had the privilege to create an outdoor signage solution for some of their neighbors at their Las Vegas Facility. The clients are brothers-in-law, best friends, and business partners who own and operate Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, the biggest aquarium-building manufacturer in the US. You may know of them from their animal planet show “Tanked.” Their concern was that tourists and fans of their show were trying to visit and take site tours of their facility but were getting lost as it is difficult to see from street level. They had an existing Shark sign as their logo printed on acrylic years ago, causing it to fade and shatter over time.

The Solution: Super Color Digital worked directly with ATM’s graphic designer/CAD artist to print their logo on an exterior sign grade material. Since Acrylic Tank Manufacturing has an in-house routing and installs team, they did an excellent job cutting and installation. This proved to be very cost-effective and gave Acrylic Tank Manufacturing an attractive and straightforward outdoor signage solution that quickly solved their problem.

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