Hanging Signage from Super Color Digital

Have you ever tried to find a specific booth at a trade show that didn’t have a hanging sign? It’s nearly impossible to do without a map of the showroom floor. Why limit your brand’s opportunities? Today we’ll be discussing some of the benefits of using hanging signage from Super Color Digital. 

Messaging on all sides

Many hanging signs feature an open center and 3-D construction. Adding these dimensional shapes to your hanging sign design can give you the ability to present your brand logo or message to the masses with 360 degrees of visibility. In addition, you can be creative when designing your hanging signage. Don’t be afraid to use unique shapes or oversized for your design.

Make the most of your booth space

Floor space can be tight at certain events and trade shows, especially if your company has lots of staff on hand. The good news is, when floor space is tight, you can still add messaging, design elements, visual interest above the booth by adding a hanging sign.

Use a one of a kind design

At Super Color Digital, we have a custom in-house fabrication department, giving us the ability to design hanging signs in nearly any size or shape.

Put your sign into motion

Moving signs attract and engage attendees more than static images. Consider a rotating sign or adding mechanical elements to your sign for your next event.

Additional tips

Attract more attention and brighten up booth space with illuminated visual solutions. Super Color Digital offers many different innovative products to brighten up your booth including; LED light-boxes, illuminated canned signage, faux neon, our exclusive Retro Brite LED light boxes and more.

In conclusion, there can be hundreds of booths at trade shows and at times it can be difficult to find your booth even with a map of the show floor. It’s much easier to stand out when using hanging signage from Super Color Digital; ask us about our extensive rental frame program. Let the skies be the limit for your next event or trade show and contact Super Color Digital.

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