Large Format Printing For Interior Design

Large format graphics and visuals are everywhere we look in today’s world. From retail store displays to waving banners at special events and trade shows. Because of this, today we are going to be focusing on large format printing for interior design. Many of today’s top brands and corporations are utilizing creative and impactful visuals to engage employees and consumers alike; life is more interesting with vivid imagery.

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics can come in a variety of options, however the most impactful are wallpaper or adhesive graphics that offer full wall coverage. This can be anything from beautiful murals, scenic landscapes, full portraits, company logos or slogans, even abstract shapes or colors. If full coverage is a bit too bold for your tastes then you can always use framed  or fabric-wrapped graphics. Likewise, sometimes a few well placed frames can be very effective in transforming any environment. 

Dimensional Printing

Looking for your message to stand out? There is no better way than adding dimensional visuals into the mix. Transforming your logo into a three dimensional object is simple enough, yet very effective. Also, using dimensional printing can be an effective for way-finding signage as well as a displaying your companies core values or philosophies. 

Illuminated Visual Solutions

A little light can go a long way. Therefore,  adding ambience or trying to highlight certain interior design features with LED light boxes or similar technologies is a great way to command attention. At Super Color Digital, all of our lighting solutions are created uniquely for every client. Furthermore, our illuminated visual solutions consist of LED light boxes, bespoke designs, faux neon, backlit, edge lit signage and more!  

Window Graphics

When it comes to window graphics, one might assume that they are for exterior windows only but this is simply untrue. Window graphics can be used for a number of interior design purposes as well. As a result, privacy film is a great way to obscure the viewing area where sensitive material is viewable, but you can also use them to make cubicles, conference rooms, and/or offices more interesting. 

In conclusion, large format printing for interior design is a great way to add intrigue to any environment. Not only can colorful vivid imagery improve design aesthetic, but it can also improve people’s moods. It’s time to see what some new exciting visual solutions can do for your interior space. Contact Super Color Digital today and experience them for yourselves.

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