Metal Fabrication & Visual Experiences

Metal fabrication and visual experiences, how do they fit? First, the canvas, in the traditional sense, is rectangle or square in shape, and it’s where our creative ideas become reality. But what if the canvas was metal, 20 feet tall, illuminated different colors, and was shaped like a shoe? At Super Color Digital, this is an everyday thing. What we mean is that we separate ourselves from the competition by welding metal fabrication and visual experiences together.

When we get the call, our highly skilled metal fabricators, or “metalheads,” take over. Our metal fabrication department is able to weld, cut, rout, and assemble many different raw materials to create the cutting-edge visual experiences that we are widely known for among today’s brands and organizations. Best of all, every metal fabrication project is completed in-house and never contracted out. You can be guaranteed the best possible communication from brainstorm to installation.

At Super Color Digital, no project is too challenging or outlandish. We are here to provide you a visual experience that will turn heads. Contact us and let us innovate your vision.

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