Work Safely Apart With Office Sneeze Guard Barriers

Work Safely Apart With Office Sneeze Guard Barriers

Sneeze guard office barriers are ideal solutions in small offices, reception desks, healthcare facilities, and collaborative team environments. As our world is ever changing, we must evolve with it. As a result, these clear barriers keep your co-workers, and clients safe while in close proximity by helping to block airborne droplets. Best of all, our sneeze guard office barriers are proudly made in the USA out of durable plex material. They can easily be cleaned with a soft microfiber cloth and everyday gentle cleaner. 

According to the CDC, they have helpful tips to help make your office space less risky. These engineering controls include: 

  • High-efficiency air filters 
  • Increase ventilation in the work environment 
  • Install physical barriers such as clear plastic sneeze guards


Barriers can be customized to seamless fit any office environment

Office barriers can be customized, making them versatile to your office environment needs without distracting from the overall style and design. We have office barriers for cubicles, desks, and much more. Be safe and functional with panache. After all, life goes on, lets enjoy the ride while keeping safety first.  

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