Say Hello to Comet!

Meet our Chief Director of Cuteness, Comet!

Super Color Digital is overjoyed to have Comet join the team. Mr. Comet is highly qualified, and his references describe him as outgoing, hardworking, and dedicated. Some even say he is a talented boy and is excellent in front of the camera. A young entrepreneur indeed, but fearless and ready to work as Super Color Digital’s Chief Director of Cuteness.

Comet’s job is the ensure a stress-free workplace, boost fun by 200%, and encourage smiles on his fellow teammates’ faces. A tough job for your average Joe but not for Comet. On his first day, he took a tour around the office and met the team in true Comet fashion. At Comet’s first board meeting, he discussed improving productivity and pushed motions for more chew toys and belly rubs. He also has put in a request for dog-friendly snacks in the break room and predicts no bark back from the big dogs upstairs.

He gets along great with the team and is already receiving praises for being such a good sport. Comet is not one for taking no for an answer; he has a true passion for human connection.

Statement from Mr. Comet himself,

“It can be woof out there, but I am here to turn this place around and be the best Chief Director of Cuteness… ever! Anything is paw-sible!”

Welcome to the Super Color Digital team, Comet!

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