Back to School with Safety in Mind

Back to school safety supplies look a little different this year!

With safety in mind, Super Color Digital and ICE Safety Solutions have partnered together to create a complete network of life-saving solutions as you reopen your schools. We are passionate about health and safety. Therefore, we know our partnership could provide you with the right equipment and to educate you for the future.

Our mission is to build trust and safety for our schools, business, and communities around the country.

As our family and friends return to school, we know it’s important to keep them safe as we navigate around COVID-19/ coronavirus. We want to ensure that school staff and students are comfortable on campus and protected for their families at home.

As a result, we have teamed up to construct the following products and tools to make this return as seamless as possible!

Plastic Sneeze Guard Barriers: these protective barriers create space between desks and deflect airborne particles from students’ coughing or sneezing.

Hand Sanitizers: our touchless hand sanitizer solutions can be placed in classrooms, hallways, entryways, and cafeterias to promote cleanliness.

Social Distancing Floor Decals: our floor decals give students, staff, and parents a very clear distancing gauge as they walk around campus!

Face Masks: Our vast selection of masks and face coverings are made for all your needs. From disposable masks to sustainable cloth masks to clear masks for those working with hearing impaired, we have it all!

Lastly, one more tool: Virtual Reality (VR) Safety Training

This fun yet realistic and immersive option can provide the right training for your school programs. We’ve innovated safety training using VR headsets for CPR/ First Aid training, annual earthquake, active shooter, school evacuations, and so much more. The possibilities for this tool are endless. Consequently, we can provide top of the line education for life-threatening disasters.

Together we can make your school safer.

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