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SEG Fabric Graphics

Our Silicone Edge Graphic Frames, or SEG Frames for short, are a perfect solution for any space. When it comes down to choosing the material for SEG frames, we provide a wide array of options. All textile materials are hand-sewn in-house, and it all depends on the space, size, aesthetic, and vision; once we determine those variables, we get to work on printing your project.

Multi-sided Fabric Frames

These multi-sided fabric frames are typically metal frames that are covered in fabric and provide increased branding opportunities. The benefits include high-quality printed graphics, color accuracy, and best of all, multi-sided fabric frames are impactful branding from virtually every angle.

BeMatrix Enhancing

The beMatrix systems have unlocked endless possibilities for exhibit building. The frames are adaptable to almost any design imaginable and assemble in a timely fashion. In combination with our printed fabrics, the framing system is the most creative, durable, and lightweight solution on the market.

Nike Soccer Fabric Banner

At Super Color Digital, we have a passion for color, which is demonstrated in our attention to vivid detail and capturing a larger-than-life design. We capture the essence of EPIC with our hard-earned legacy of helping partners create monumental visual experiences. A few years ago, on ESPN2 during the USA v. Guatemala soccer game, we rolled out a 41,000 sq. foot banner for Nike USA Soccer!

Airbnb Lightwave Fabric Experience

Experiential solutions are about creating immersive visual experiences with eye-opening and engaging visuals. It’s all about thinking outside the box to create unique visuals that are truly eye-catching. Super Color Digital utilized flag material paired with creative lighting to create a genuinely mesmerizing “light tunnel” experience for a unique experiential project

Wellesley College "W"

With our pillowcase fabric solutions, the “W” was made possible by our custom fabrication team and in-house sewing department. We placed high-tension fabric over a metal frame that provided shape, style, and dimension. One of the main benefits of using fabric instead of a complete metal build or any other hard material was keeping the project build efficient, lightweight, and easily interchangeable.

Salesforce Chicago Trees

Standing at nearly 18 feet in height, Super Color Digital fabricated “fabric trees” for a special Salesforce event. Pillowcase and tension fabrics are created when the fabric is draped and pulled over a dimensionally shaped frame, creating an innovative visual experience. 

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