10 Weeks of Experience: Dimensional Canned Signage

The latest product from our 10 Weeks of Experience series is Dimensional Canned Signage. Canned letters can provide great depth and visibility to any signage package. They are visible by day and luminous at night. They can have static LED lighting or RGB LED color change lighting.

Dimensional Canned Signage is internally illuminated, which means each letter is lit from the inside with light shining through the sign face. In addition, you can have light shine out of the back of the letters, which is called halo-lit or reverse channel letter signage.

Canned Signage solutions provide visual experiences that can be designed custom to nearly any size or shape. And best of all, they utilize LED technology which is energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Canned Letter Signage Product Features:

– No limit to product type, size, or shape

– Designed and engineered in-house

– Multiple lighting and mounting options

– Unsurpassed light uniformity

– Energy efficient

– LEDs have a life expectancy of 50,000 plus hours

– Custom timing and color programs

– Internal power supply

– UL listed and Certified

In conclusion, Dimensional Canned Signage is a tried and true visual solution utilized across all industries. Increase your visibility and step up your signage game. Contact Super Color Digital today.

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