10 Weeks of Experience: Faux Neon Dimensional Signage

The latest product from our 10 Weeks of Experience series is our Faux Neon Dimensional Signage. Partnering with our latest LED technology with cut-to-shape printing, our Faux Neon Dimensional Signage brings the retro neon of yesterday to today. Our Faux Neon technology provides a visual solution that is lighter and more durable than traditional neon signs, yet it still offers a vivid spectrum of color while remaining energy-efficient and cost-effective. There is something about neon that captivates us, perhaps it’s because it can’t be found in the real world. Even the most beautiful sunset or star-lit sky can’t capture our minds like the glow of neon. Neon is practically timeless, it has the nostalgia of the past but still feels futuristic. Making it an ideal choice for today’s resurgence of retro style. 

Now, with Super Color Digital’s innovative Faux Neon Dimensional Signage, you can capture the allure of neon without the cumbersome and unsafe restrictions of neon glass tubes. 

Product Features:

– No limit to product type, size, or shape

– Custom color changing programs

– Vivid colors with glare-free viewing at any angle

– Energy-efficient green solution at about 5 watts per square foot

– LEDs have a life expectancy of 50,000 plus hours

– Internal power supply

– Available in RGB, RGBw, RGBw/ww, and w/ww

You can utilize this technology in practically any environment, from events and trade shows to corporate offices, amusement parks, retail stores and more! Step into the future of signage with Super Color Digital’s Faux Neon Dimensional Signage.

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