10 Weeks of Experience: Retro Brite Light Boxes

10 Weeks of Experience: Retro Brite Light Boxes

This week we’re continuing Super Color Digital’s 10 Weeks of Experience series with our latest innovation, Retro Brite LED Light Boxes. These light boxes are designed to replicate the look of traditional neon signage without utilizing glass tubes or neon gas. 

Traditional neon signage is fragile, expensive, environmentally unsafe, and consumes considerable amounts of power. Our Retro Brite Light Boxes utilize LED technology, making them durable, cost effective, and energy efficient. Another benefit of these revolutionary light boxes is that there is no limit to the size that we can produce.

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing and almost everyone has a wistful affection for the past. With this exciting new visual solution, you’ll be able to relive the nostalgic neon glow seen on the Sunset Strip, Las Vegas, and in New York’s Time Square.

Product Features Include:

– Realistic neon look with high durability
– Vivid colors and unmatched graphic clarity
– Fast and easy interchangeable SEG fabric graphics
– Custom lighting program timer
– Lower cost than standard neon and energy efficient
– UL certified & listed

This incredible new product can be utilized in all sorts of environments from retail stores, automotive dealerships, corporate offices, trade shows, amusement parks and more! Capture the warm feelings of yesterday today with Super Color Digital’s Retro Brite LED Light Boxes.