10 Weeks of Experience: Dimensional Color Changing Displays

Super Color Digital is proud to present the latest from our 10 Weeks of Experience series! Today’s innovation is our Dimensional Color Changing Displays. Think outside of the box and transform your standard lightbox into a new and exciting visual experience. Above all, we can create just about any design without being restricted to specific sizes and shapes. As a result, our cutting-edge LED technology will deliver vibrant colors and are fully customizable with endless color programs.

Color Changing Dimensional Displays Product Features:

– No limit to product type, size, or shape

– Freestanding or wall hanging options are available

– Custom color changing programs

– Vivid colors with glare-free viewing at any angle

– Energy-efficient green solution at about 5 watts per square foot

– LEDs have a life expectancy of 50,000 plus hours

– Internal power supply

– Available in RGB, RGBw, RGBw/ww, and w/ww

In conclusion, our Dimensional Color Changing Displays can be utilized for almost any application you can imagine. For instance, imagine showcasing the available colorways of water bottles, apparel, make-up, or even new cars! In our video, we showcase a cut-to-shape woman dressed in yoga athletic wear that cycles through various color combinations that are visually captivating. In short, this new innovative technology has the ability to visually “reach out” and grab your consumers in new experiential ways they have never seen before!

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