Benefits of Mesh Vinyl for Outdoor Signage

The right materials for your signage project depend on your needs and what makes the most sense for your project. If you need a flexible yet durable outdoor material that won’t fly away, vinyl mesh might be the right choice.

Here are a few reasons to consider using mesh vinyl over other banner and flag materials.

Windy Day – No Problem.

A common challenge we see with outdoor signage is weather conditions. When we consider materials for outdoor visuals, it is important to have them withstand direct sunlight, strong winds, and rainy weather. Mesh vinyl allows wind to pass through, making it ideal for windy conditions. If the signage moves around too much, it’s easier to read, and it can reduce the longevity of the banner, and it will be prone to tearing. The small perforations in the vinyl mesh are effective at keeping the signage free-flowing while preserving the visibility and lifetime of the banner.


The durability of the vinyl mesh ensures that the sign looks professionally made for its duration on sunny and windy days. We test our signage materials against troublesome weather conditions to provide our customers with quality materials we can trust for your projects. The capability of printing on the vinyl material can feature brand logos, vivid colors, and custom designs. We can use multiple shapes and sizes to customize the material further.


If it’s strong enough to hold up outside, it’s good enough to use indoors. For high-traffic areas like events, the mesh vinyl can be made into banners, flags, or almost anything else you might make with traditional vinyl. The banners can be attached to walls, windows, ceilings, or stands. The versatility is infinite.

At Super Color Digital, we produce vivid visuals on high-quality materials. Our team is here to help offer information on the best material for your project and work with you to provide the ultimate visual solutions.

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