Beyond the Capabilities: Experiential Solutions

Experiential solutions are about creating immersive visual experiences with eye-opening and engaging visuals. It’s about thinking outside the box to create unique, eye-catching visuals. Here at Super Color Digital, we push the envelope on innovation to bring one-of-a-kind solutions. Beyond print, our high-quality visual experiences extend to various innovative solutions.

Below we present three key elements to developing experiential solutions.

Color Management:

It’s our business to know how to precisely capture the right colors so that your visual solutions are exactly what you expect. As many know, color can differ from device to print, so it’s important to consider color variances and test in various ways to ensure you get the right color during the design process. We take color management seriously hence our G7 Master certification. G7® is Idealliance’s global industry-leading specifications for achieving visual similarity across all print processes. We are among a select group who have completed training, examination, and qualification process of their print production processes, validating their capabilities to the highest level of global industry standards and specifications.


Experiential design and events are the newest kid on the block, and they are here to stay, for a good reason! The concept was coined to explain the interaction with space or, to put it simply, create the ultimate experience. A key component of experiential design is an innovation of the senses, especially sight, and touch. It’s about thinking outside the box and combining practical functions to create a unique, genuinely eye-catching experience. We work with brands across industries to create impactful experiences with leading technology.


Sufficient lighting is key when making visual solutions experiential. If you are looking for bright and new options to add to your project, consider including LED lightboxes, dimensional color-changing displays, or custom-built lighting displays. Our experienced team is capable of designing state-of-the-art experiential lighting solutions. These illumination solutions are a versatile possibility that enhances your audience’s brand experience.

Super Color Digital strives to provide ultimate visual experiences, and we challenge ourselves to say “Yes” to seemingly impossible solutions. The goal is to build experiential visual solutions that represent, impress, and make lasting brand recognition. Unless the laws of physics are against it, we will do our best to create your wildest visual dream!

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