Beyond the Capabilities: Illumination Solutions

Let us shine a light on creativity. Super Color Digital is lighting new ways to stand out with unique brilliance with visual illuminations.

Illuminated solutions bring state-of-the-art designs to life with unmatched details, color, and dimension. At Super Color Digital, the lighting solutions can range from backlit framed graphics to faux LED signs to custom-built displays. Our team is experienced in constructing specialized illumination solutions with top-of-the-line features and customizable options.


By sourcing LED technology for our light sources, you benefit from the range of colors, programable timers, dimmable, and longevity. We can customize colors across the RGB light spectrum and standard white and warm white options in our projects. The LEDs display vivid colors that are glare-free and provide a uniform range of color and lighting opacity. The LEDs also have a life expectancy of 50,000 plus hours while remaining an energy-efficient solution. Features like custom timers and external dimmable add to the lighting experience, which are custom to each display. A Super Color Digital illuminated solution stands out from the rest in the quality and ingenuity we put into creating the ultimate product.


Choosing the right materials for the project can be trial and error. It depends on the design, durability, and purpose. Luckily, our team is here and can provide experienced guidance on the best options. Materials are dependent on the appearance and purpose of the design. Some projects may include metals, fabrics, acrylic, and built-in power sources.


When making the structure for our lightboxes, our in-house fabrication team works diligently to provide the best. Different metals and extrusions can be used for the base structure, depending on the project. The team will measure and mark out positions for attaching the lighting source. During this time, the lighting placement may be adjusted for various light options such as backlit, front-lit, edge-lit, or custom specs. Throughout the process, additional elements and the light source are test fitted to ensure functionality and appearance are on track with the initial design.

A few more perks accompany our illuminated solutions. Our UL-listed product is UL tested as a representative sample of the product and determined that the product meets specific requirements. Our G7 certification indicates Super Color Digital as a master in color management, process, and quality for proofing and printing equipment.

A solution with bright ideas at Super Color Digital, we are here to support your creative ideas.

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