Boost your Trade Show Return with Enhanced Visual Solutions

Are you looking for more traffic and better engagement at your next event or trade show? Of course, you are! Most companies spend a significant amount of their marketing budget on exhibiting at events and trade shows. However, without the right visual communication, you can fall short on your investment. Today will be discussing how to boost your trade show return with enhanced visual solutions.

Make the Most of Your Space

Be aware of your booth’s location and space limitations. Design your booth for the space you have. If you’re in a corner booth your design will be much different than a center island. Be mindful to put your dominant visual solutions in locations where they are closer to eye level or have the best visibility to people walking by.

Know the COlors

When you have brand specific colors that people identify with your brand, make sure those colors are 100% accurate. Color can change when applied to different substrates, you want to make sure that your branding partners are aware of the specific standards of your brand. At Super Color Digital we have mastered the art of G7 Color Certification so you can rest at ease knowing your brand colors and the color of your booth will match with your guidelines and needs.

make sure the message is cohesive

You should already know what your goals are for the show. Furthermore, it’s important that the message you are trying to send is clear and cohesive from any direction. Don’t use valuable space to promote a random giveaway at your booth, instead focus on the value of the services or products you provide.

establish a visual solutions as a vocal point

At Super Color Digital we refer to these types of visuals as a hero element. This visual should be a showstopper. Something that catches the eye of every passerby, an element that demands the attention of attendees and inspires them to engage and learn more.

variety is key

If you want to have a successful exhibition then you need multiple ways for attendees to engage with your brand. Large banners and vivid graphics are a great place to start. However, by using multiple visual solutions you will leave a much bigger impression. Therefor, combining LED light boxes and innovative solutions like Super Color Digital’s exclusive Faux Neon and Retro Brite technology will really help you stand out from the crowd. Dimensional Signage and backlit fabric solutions are also effective attention grabbers.

In conclusion, by combining these visual strategies, setting the proper goals and choosing the right staff you will effectively boost traffic and engagement at any event or trade show you attend. 

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