The Importance of Signage in Branding

Whether you are starting a business or maintaining your brand image, you should know the importance of signage in branding. Signage is a key visual element that all brands should be utilizing. There are many benefits to utilizing various types of signage. Therefore, we’ll discuss the importance of knowing your signage options and the different types of applications available.

There are a variety of different types of signs that can be used for both indoor and outdoor branding.

Exterior Signs

Exterior Signs can be used to help draw attention and used to distinguish landmarks and locations. In addition, another benefit to exterior signs is that they are visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As a result, they are a great way to provide prominent exposure for your brand.

Interior Signs

Interior signs can be used as a way to find signage for areas like restrooms or dressing rooms. In addition, they also help heighten product displays, advertise special promotions. In the end, interior signs attract consumers to your brand.

Lighting Options

Adding illumination to your signage is another fantastic way to stand out. Super Color Digital has always been an innovative leading in LED signage and illuminated visuals. Therefore, signs can be back-lit, edge-lit, and halo lit. In addition, we also offer faux neon solutions and custom color and timing programs.

Mounting Options

When it comes to what type of sign is best for you, there are many available options. Signs can be free-standing, ground-mounted, or building-mounted. In addition, they are available in a range of different shapes and sizes. It’s important to choose the right dimensions to cater to the messaging you want to display and in the space that is available.

In conclusion, signs are a great investment when it comes to your branding. They are one of the most common methods used to reach thousands of potential customers. As a result, there are practically endless options when it comes to size and shape. Best of all, they are very cost-effective when compared to other forms of advertising, such as radio, television and newspapers adverts.

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