Bright Ideas: Illuminated Visual Solutions

Illuminated Visual Solutions

Today’s Super Color Digital blog topic is all about various illuminated visual solutions.  

Light has a huge effect on our bodies and even our emotions. For example, on bright sunny days you may tend to feel more energized, active and productive. While on cloudy or gloomy days, you may feel sleepy and less motivated. That is because our bodies respond to the psychological effects of lighting, and it often changes our moods. How we feel and respond to light extends beyond natural sunlight. The light used in retail stores, office environments, and our homes can also affect our moods, creativity, and productivity.

Illuminated visual solutions are a window into a new world of eye-catching and engaging displays. These vibrant LED products bring images to life and are particularly effective at driving awareness of products and signs. Some added benefits of using LED technologies would greater longevity, durability and improved energy efficiency, making them much more cost effective.

Whether you are looking to maximize productivity in a corporate office setting, build brand awareness with illuminated signage, or are looking to guide customers throughout your store, we have the solutions for you. 

At Super Color Digital we are UL certified and offer many different illuminated products from ultra-thin LED Lightboxes, illuminated dimensional displays, RGB color changing technologies, backlit, edge-lit, side-lit displays, and more. Contact us today to bring your next bright idea into the light. 

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