Converse and The Retail Store Concept

Converse partnered with Super Color Digital to implement an innovative visual flair to a new, modern, and hip retail store concept in keeping with growing retail trends. Their store-in-a-store” concept pushes their factory items to the store’s back while the front showcases their new apparel merchandise.

In keeping with Converse’s branded store concept and trendy clientele, Super Color Digital printed and installed exclusive vinyl and fabric graphics on different types of substrates. By keeping with Converse’s colorful branding, Super Color Digital printed and cut graphics on differently shaped vinyl materials and applied them to raw textured wood frames. Fabric graphics were then printed and installed on different industrial-type metal frames and surfaces.

With the help of Super Color Digital, Converse’s new and innovative store concept provided customers with a whole new experience for one of today’s fun-filled apparel and shoe brands.

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