Going Beyond the Trend: Timberland

Timberland, aka “Timbs,” has been a widely popular boot brand going on for 70 years. And they are evolving with “green” as their new theme and initiative. They are going beyond the trend and adding value to their brand.

Partnerships are key and Timberland took that to heart when entrusting Super Color Digital with their new branded visuals. While working with Timberland, the strategy was to apply a creative visual flair to their initiative, appropriately titled GreenStride™. Gearing up for your next adventure, Timberlands GreenStride™ has been designed with 75% renewable sugar cane and responsible natural rubber. Their waterproof linings are made from 50% recycled plastic bottles. While still beautifully rugged, they are also sustainable, and stylish in keeping with current retail trends.

In keeping with Timberland’s sustainability concept, Super Color Digital translated the GreenStride™ story into a modern and engaging visual experience.  This included innovative and creative solutions such as dimensional window displays, lightboxes, wall graphics, custom product displays, and more!

Storytelling is a skill that describes the social activity of stories and ideas creatively. With good storytelling, you can capture attention and awe. As a result, this gives you a winning edge by attracting more people into your store and converting them into customers.

Different elements we used in this project:

–      Lenticular Window Displays

–      LED Lightboxes

–      Floor Decals

–      Custom Product Displays

–      Vinyl Wall Graphics

–      Custom Hanging Signage

At Super Color Digital, we have the abilities, resources, and experience necessary to deliver impactful visual experiences that will truly enhance your brand. Contact us to kickstart your ideas today.

Going beyond the trend and adding value to your brand.

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