Graphic Design in Interior Spaces

Graphic design within interior spaces works, while increases the visual comfort of that space, confers identity, and eliminate the ordinary style of the space for its users. Every day we are exposed to graphic design, but with our on-the-go-lifestyles, we sometimes miss what is right in front of us. In continuing our growing relationship with EchoPark Automotive, we worked closely with their team to create an eclectic mixture of large format printed visuals and solutions; their newest location in Long Beach, CA has become one of our favorites.

First Impressions Matter with Graphic Design

Graphic design within interior spaces is essential, especially when it comes to making first impressions. This rings true for the interior visuals of a business, especially automotive, where defining and emphasizing your brand to your customers is key. When working with EchoPark on their Long Beach location, we took visual creativity to a whole new level.

When you first enter EchoPark’s Long Beach store, your first impressions are greeted with large SEG lifestyle graphics, a custom branded lightbox, and modern architectural interior touches. Having such a powerful first impression gives strength to new and long-lasting relationships.

First Impressions Matter with Graphic Design

Graphic design within interior spaces goes beyond making first impressions. They provide a sense of personalization, meaning, and experience. Standing out from the crowd is first and foremost in any business. You have to differentiate yourself from the pack, especially with interior design. By working closely with EchoPark, we went outside of the box when it came to the graphic design of their interior space. Besides the engaging SEG framed graphics across the store, we created CNC cut outlines of trees on wood, dimensionally cut branded quotes, larger-than-life vertical wallpaper, and even custom printed window shades. As a result, these types of large format printing solutions take a brand and extenuate it.

Adding graphic design to your interior spaces, gives a sense of credibility, and freshness to the customer. When it comes to your brand and story, a good experience whether with your products or interior space will increase your customer retention. In conclusion, this is where Super Color Digital comes in. As leaders and innovators of large format printing and visual solutions, we have a creative team that can help you with creating amazing designs for your interior spaces. Leave the designing to us so you can focus more on what matters most, your brand, story, and customers.

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