The Best Moments of 2020 With Super Color Digital

2020, what a year. This year saw more ups and downs than the world’s largest roller coaster. From murder hornets, Brexit, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry leaving the royal family, and more, 2020 was surreal. But of course, let’s not forget about COVID-19, which has and continues to affect lives and businesses across the globe. At Super Color Digital, we saw and experienced this firsthand. Just like the rest of America, we experienced the struggle but persevered.

As the year comes to a close, we are showcasing the best moments of 2020. This includes school sneeze guard desk barriers, three-sided visitation booth barriers, interior design visuals, “Just Say Yes” moments and more. At Super Color Digital, we are family and your partner. We are with you every step of the way. Sit back and relax and experience the best moments of 2020 with Super Color Digital.

School Sneeze Guard Barriers

Super Color Digital is working with schools around the country to create sneeze guard desk barriers for classrooms, science labs, teachers, and more.

Three- Sided Visitation Booth

Due to restrictions, visiting our loved ones was once impossible. Now it’s a reality with Super Color Digitals’ three-sided visiting barriers.

Antimicrobial Film For Safety & Health

Super Color Digital’s SafeSurface Antimicrobial Protection film is engineered to begin killing bacteria & microbes on contact.

Visual Sustainability & Brand Conservation Efforts

We strive for out-of-the-box ideas, especially when sustainability is involved.

Interior Design Visual Solutions at EchoPark

We recently partnered with EchoPark Automotive to help expand their brand with engaging large format visuals and PPE barriers.


"Just Say Yes" | Printing Big in These Difficult Times

At Super Color Digital, we are dedicated to excellence. As a result, there is never a project too big for our team and we will always say yes to printing big.

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