Magnetic SEG Frames: Innovative Products

Magnetic SEG Frames

Exclusively designed by Super Color Digital, our Magnetic Frame Graphics were created for the convention and hospitality industry in mind, where ugly airwalls can be dressed up; however, the sky is the limit for any application in mind. The magnetic wall alleviates the stress of finding solutions for complex installations.

The Magnetic Frame Graphics allow you to arrange your graphics easily, and without tools, with our exclusive magnet technology. This product is an excellent alternative to traditional SEG frames, as you won’t risk damaging walls and hides the otherwise bland airwalls. Super Color Digitals’ unique frame design can quickly and creatively solve complicated substrate installations as you wish.

The Magnetic SEG Frames are easy to install and remove, available in an array of lightweight sizes, that are durable and made in the USA. Pair with Super Color Digital’s high-quality SEG graphics, the Magnetic SEG Frames are the ideal solution for just about any avenue where airwalls or other metal-type walls are in place.

Super Color Digital has 40 years of experience caring for clients and provides the highest quality visual solutions possible. With many options for visual solutions available, contact Super Color Digital.

Features and Benefits:

– Easily attaches and removes from the metal inside walls

– Non- invasive design that protects venue walls

– Lightweight, durable, and portable design

– Engineered and fabricated in-house

– Ease to assemble and reuse

– Suitable for many industries

– Made for indoor use

– Scalable to any size

– Made in the USA

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