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Converse Retail

At Super Color Digital we are not just printers, we are branding partners! When working with a client it is crucial to provide more than just a product, you must build a relationship and a sense of trust. That’s exactly what we did and continue to do with Converse today.

Recently we helped put together a new concept store in Boston, MA. It was important to reflect the classic yet youthful image that the brand evokes. Super Color Digital accomplished this by printing and installing exclusive vinyl and fabric graphics on different types of substrates. Converse was so happy with the end result and the continued premium service from Super Color Digital, that they sent brand new sneakers to the team involved with the project.

When you have the trust of your clients, you don’t have to hesitate when you want to create out-of-the-box visual solutions. We strive to give all of our branding partners a similar experience, thanks to our experience and willingness to go above and beyond every project.

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