During this strange and intimidating time, creating habits to strengthen your positive thinking is crucial. We are all surrounded by friends, family, or coworkers who are hesitant to stay optimistic when it seems like the “new normal” will be around for a while. At Super Color Digital, printing big during these difficult times allows us to innovate for success.

A habit that we at Super Color Digital already own and practice daily is the behavior of always saying “yes” because whatever it takes… we are driven by excellence. As experienced large format printers, this skill allows us to take advantage of missed opportunities from competitors because we will always take on a challenge.

Just Say “Yes”- you might be surprised where it gets you.

Last week, a Super Color Digital team member was presented with a situation where they said “yes” even though saying “no” would have been easier. A new client urgently approached one of our team members about an upcoming challenging project with a quick deadline. The client contacted various other businesses to do the project but was told “no” and that it was impossible to complete. The one attempt the client did receive was subpar and did not meet their expectations.

Right, when it seemed as if all options were exhausted, one of our account executives was approached, and the challenge was accepted. The easy answer could have been “NO,” but after building the strength, working closely with our production team, and believing in our equipment, we were ready. In less than 12 hours, we created and installed a 33’ x 90’ large format print banner to meet our client’s demands. This new client has become a client for life because of the services we could provide to make their vision happen.

Moral of the story: Sometimes, “the impossible” is possible. Suppose you’re supported by a good crew and believe in your skillsets and equipment. As quoted from the account executive of the large format print project: “I couldn’t be happier and a huge thanks to my production peeps at Super Color Digital, LLC, y’all never cease to amaze me!” Just because other people say “no” doesn’t make something impossible for everyone, just to them. Speaking “yes” provides many benefits for your business. If you usually shy away from these more significant, more difficult opportunities, stop yourself and try saying “yes” for a change.

In conclusion, we at Super Color Digital only say ‘NO’ when it’s against the Laws of Physics. Whatever it takes, we are dedicated to excellence.

Let’s work together and turn your NOs into YESs.

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