SEG Frame Capabilities

Looking for a product with limitless versatility and that’s cost-effective? You’re in the right place.

Our Silicone Edge Graphic Frames, or SEG Frames for short, are a perfect visual solution for any space. We are here to give you the inside scoop on the endless customization options, one-of-a-kind design features, and a few ideas showing your ideal SEG Frames.


When it comes down to choosing the material for an SEG Frames, we provide a wide array of options. Usually, we recommend using a fabric material with some give-to since it looks the most traditional. We have a vast collection of various textiles and substrates to work. Materials are ranging from high to low opacity, textures, and weights. All textile materials are hand-sewn in-house, and it all depends on the space, size, aesthetic, and vision; once we determine those variables, we get to work on printing.

Printing Process

Printing graphics in high quality with unmatched color quality is what we do best. After all, we are G7 certified, mastering color management, process, and quality for proofing and printing equipment. Our newest printing technology, the EFI Reggiani Colors, prints graphics with excellent quality and in just a few minutes. If the graphic needs some color touch-up, we send it to the next team that works meticulously to get the image just right. In the realm of pictures, image ideas are infinite, and we work closely with our team to ensure image quality when scaling prints to various sizes.


Custom sizing, lightweight, and durable. All made possible by our in-house fabrication team using high-quality stainless aluminum. The fabrication team can make the frames efficiently by extruding the aluminum through our various dies. When framing, we keep in mind the size of the visible edge, frameless style, and mounting options. While working with our fabrication team, the customization options are endless. One example of custom design could be adding LED lights to the back of the frame and creating a backlit SEG.


Installing the SEG frames is the quickest part of the process. We always recommend a site survey to ensure visual solutions are designed to specifications and make installation seamless. Our nationwide install network works with skillful hands and can show up to install at a moment’s notice. This product’s next-best features are the simplicity of changing out graphics, longevity, and ideal style to fit any space.

Custom Sizing

No standard SEG frame sizing here. You heard that right, but don’t fret. We customize requests and measures to fit on-site surveys to ensure each client’s unique and perfect fit. Custom sizing allows us to adjust to various depths with our extensive extrusion inventory. At the moment, the shape that works best are square, rectangular, and simpler polygons. However, we are willing to experiment with other forms.

Frame Options

When it comes to mounting, we have plenty of options that are sure to work for your space.

Traditional: Our traditional mounting method involves securing the frame with screws and premium hardware. A perfect solution for a more permanent hold and will apply minuscule harm to existing walls.

Magnetic: Our magnetic mounting method consists of magnets attached to the back of the frame that attaches easily to airwalls or other magnetized metals. An excellent fit for convention rooms, tradeshow floors, and rooms with existing metal frames.

Suction: The suction cup method is classic Super Color Digital ingenuity. A mobile SEG frame that attaches best to glass and glass-like substrates. The benefit to this option is installers can place the frames indoor or outdoor applications.

Suspended: Lastly, the hung mounting method uses premium hardware suitable for tradeshow floors, convention rooms, retail spaces, dealerships, corporate spaces, and other indoor areas. The benefit of the hanging SEG frame is the ability to make it double-sided.

SEG frames are incredibly adaptable and are suitable across multiple industries. This product has versatility in fine art, museum exhibits, informational signage, visual merchandising, company branding, and many more. Don’t be afraid to make a statement. At Super Color Digital, we are here to support your creative ideas.

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