Product Spotlight: LED Lightboxes

Finding new ways to update your space is important! As we talked about in our last blog, we know how important it is to keep your customers safe while also staying creative. Let’s dive deeper into one of our favorite large format product offerings: Light Boxes!

What are some creative ways you can impress your customers? Are you bored with the same window displays? Why not combine that with something out-of-the-box and innovative? You should look into lightbox solutions from Super Color Digital! Offering creativity with bold graphics, light boxes will draw more customers in.

Innovation in a whole new light

Our LED lightboxes utilize some of the most advanced technology available. They are the ideal visual partner for backlit fabric graphics and other media. They create vivid colors and eye-catching visual displays. Best of all, they are a UL listed energy-efficient solution that is made in the USA.

LED Light Box Features & Benefits:

– Energy efficient

– Custom timing and color programs

– No shadows or fading

– Faux Neon illumination

– Custom bespoke designs

– Vivid colors and unmatched graphic clarity

– Fabricated and made in the USA

– Eco-friendly with a 50,000+ hour life

– And so much more!

Each solution fits nearly any environment and will light up your graphics in the most imaginative of ways.

Beautiful. Funtional. Illuminated.

So, let’s light up the rest of this year with new large format printing solutions. We know we can offer you an out-of-the-box idea to impress. If you need some ideas for how to incorporate light boxes and lighting solutions into your space, check out these amazing projects:

Never behind and always ahead, Super Color Digital’s lighting solutions utilize the newest and best technology available. They are created as the ideal visual partner for backlit fabric graphics and other media, which have been developed with performance in mind.

Contact us today to request a quote or ask for more ideas! We can help you implement lightboxes to your space! Let’s get creative and work together to make your space stand out!

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