PPE and Large Format Printing to Stay Safe

As we start to enter the final few months of 2020, it is easy to look back and feel like this has been a very limiting year. It is easy to get caught up in that feeling but we want to remind you to stay positive and ask yourself, “Why not do both?”

While it feels fantastic to offer PPE to our current and new clients, it feels even better to offer PPE with our bread and butter, large format printing solutions. First and foremost, we know how important essential PPE is as we navigate COVID and the new normal, but we want to remind you to get creative again with large format printing!

Why both PPE & large format printing?

You may feel limited creatively, but don’t let that stop you, we can do both and make them look stunning! We want to show you three ideas for your space, so that you can focus on both your brand’s image and team’s safety.


Floor Decals on Floor Decals

The first idea is to start with your floors! Impress your customers from the moment they walk in. We can start with eye-catching patterns or designs that will capture your customers’ interest, then add social distancing measures on top to remind them to be cautious around others.


Barriers & Large Format Printing

Barriers are another important PPE product we’ve been able to provide. We know how important they are, especially in retail and restaurant settings. What’s also important is promoting your brand through large format printing! In the example below, the automotive dealership has both protective barriers and graphics to draw the eyes of their customers to products they want to promote.


Lightboxes & Hand Sanitizer Units

When you walk into a space and see an illuminated box with some creative graphics, it is immediately impressive and eye-catching! It adds a WOW factor not many people have. If you are also worried about keeping your space clean and safe, why not place a hand sanitizer unit right next to it. Once your customer is drawn in by your graphic, you can promote clean hygiene as they roam your store.

With That...

These are merely suggestions on how to implement more than just PPE in your space. We know the pressure of keeping your team and customers safe, while also staying true to your brand. Super Color Digital is here to be your creative partner to remind you “Why not do both?”.

Adding both PPE and large format prints together will promote your brand in two ways! You focus on the safety of your team and clients and you market yourself creatively. Take a look around your space and see where you can update your designs or add more WOW factors. As you reopen, invite your customers back in with never before seen designs to impress them alongside the essential PPE you need to keep them safe.

Get in touch with us today for more ideas on how to do both!

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