What Goes Into Innovative Solutions?

A concept we frequently talk about is Innovative Solutions. When developing these solutions, we start by road mapping how we want to get there and plenty of R&D trials. During the process, we discuss what and how they will improve current visuals. Here are three elements we consider when constructing innovative solutions.


When designing, please take into account whether or not the display is best constructed into the project itself. During this time, it is essential to establish what color lighting is, how bright, and what direction is best. Depending on the occasion, you can choose from bright white to warm white, or for something more exciting, you may want to choose an RGB spectrum. You may need to add more lighting or dim the brightness for certain indoor or outdoor areas. It is also wise to test ideas like back-lit or front-lit visuals. A well-lit display can make or break the solutions.


The key to experiential design is to bring ideas to life; quite literally, some designs are made to be interacted with, and some move on their own. It’s about thinking outside the box to create an eye-catching and interactive experience. It is about engaging with people, and adding movement to a project is a total show-stopper.


When it comes to dimensional design, the liveliness pops and makes the display feel real. Layering various substrates and adding texture resonates with people and completes the experience that they are expecting. Some dimensional ideas to consider are canned lettering, multi-layered mediums, or custom-made framework.

At times we are confronted with grand and out-of-this-world ideas, and we give it our best shot the make it happen. Super Color Digital, no project is too challenging. Our team is here to innovate out-of-the-box visual experiences from concept to custom-built.

Choose a team you can count on. Choose Super Color Digital. Let’s innovate your next vision.

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