Sustainable Visual Solutions

Sustainable Visual Solutions

Sustainable Visual Solutions

Providing sustainable visual solutions is one of the core values of Super Color Digital. We believe in working responsibly and strive for the best social and environmental standards in the industry. The environmental impact of printing isn’t just about paper and ink. There are many factors that we have considered, from energy efficient equipment, to using eco-friendly or recyclable substrates. We take pride in constantly working to improve production workflow and waste management. We will continue to make strides toward conservation, responsible management and utilizing community programs to create truly sustainable visual solutions. 

Below are a few tips to help you to do your part to go green.

– Encourage good printing habits: Train personnel to develop good printing habits can go a long way. Encourage staff to print only the pages they absolutely need, for example, try not to print out emails. If you must print out important emails try to print no more than a page or two instead of printing out pages and pages of an email thread. You can also encourage things like, using narrower margins and smaller font sizes.

– Stock sustainable paper: Try using paper with high post-consumer recycled content. It may cost a bit more, but it has a much lower impact on the environment.

– Think about your ink: The environmental impact of printing isn’t just about paper. Ink and toner also have a large footprint, considering the energy and materials required to produce the ink. Consider using remanufactured cartridges reduce this impact and are often less expensive than OEM cartridges. Certain inks are made to be biodegradable. Always recycle your cartridges instead of throwing them away.

– Flex power usage: Another great way to practice sustainability is shutting down or turning off machines that are not in use. At Super Color Digital our air conditioner and lights are all on timers to conserve energy when certain areas of the building are not in use.

– Waste management outside of production: All companies produce waste that isn’t created by their products or services. This could be from things like food waste and trash in break areas or restrooms. Make sure you have clearly labeled recycling bins to encourage people not to throw away items that could be recycled. If you provide coffee for employees you can also provide a company coffee cup or a reusable thermos mugs as opposed to styrofoam or plastic cups.

In conclusion, what’s good for the environment, is good for business. We all want a better world for our future, and Super Color Digital will continue to find ways to improve our sustainability and reduce waste. Whether it’s using more recyclable materials, avoiding excessive power consumption during peak hours or simply encouraging employees to reduce the amount of waste at work, there are plenty of ways to help you go green.